About Us

Knoxville Martial Arts Center started in late 2012 as a cooperative of different martial arts schools all under one roof focused on teaching traditional martial arts, while applying modern day self-defense techniques. At the Center we believe in training without the need for ego or the hyper-competitive focus on trophies.The schools work together in all aspects of the Center from painting and general maintenance to workshops where all students of the center regardless of school get to try out what the other schools have to offer.Even though we work together as much as possible each school is allowed the freedom to dictate what and how it wants to approaching teaching its particular style.

The styles offered are as follows:

  • Aikido
  • Budo Taijutsu
  • Iaido
  • Isshin-Jujitsu
  • Isshin-Ryu Karate
  • Shaolin Kung-Fu

While these styles differ greatly we are all working towards the goal of bettering ourselves and the people around us as stated in our motto “Many ways one path”.